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What’s in a name?


Ibero-America designates the vast geographic landscapes and deeply rooted cultural connections between Spain and Portugal in the Iberian Peninsula with the territories of Brazil and the Spanish speaking countries in the Caribbean, North, Central and South America.


Iberoamerican Images (IB) is a Vancouver-based company whose purpose is to offer Canadian audiences the most relevant and recent of Spanish and Portuguese language film productions on a regular basis.


IB organizes special exhibitions of Spanish and Portuguese language films in British Columbia in strategic partnership  with film festivals, film distributors, and film institutions such as VIFF, Pragda, Telefilm, IMCINE, Cinema Chile among others. 

Welcome to a New World of Cinema!

October 6

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Venezuela incMotion 2015

Vancity Theatre

November 2015

Embrace of the Serpent

Vancity Theatre / VIFF

October 2015


Vancity Theatre

September 2015


Online Presentation

March 2015

We are the music

Vancity Theatre

December 2014

The Womb

September and October 2014

Venezuela in Motion

Vancity Theatre

July 2014

The Beautiful Game

Vancity Theatre

June - July 2014

New Spanish Cinema 2014

Vancity Theatre

February 2014


Vancity Theatre /  VIFF

October 2013

Nosotros Los Nobles

Vancity Theatre / VIFF

September - October 2013

Copacabana Social Club

Vancity Theatre

July 2013

Clandestine Childhood

Vancity Theatre

April - May 2013

New Spanish Cinema 2013

Vancity Theatre

February 2013

Cine Chile Alberta

Garneau Theatre, Edmonton

January 2013

Cine Chile 2012

Vancity Theatre

November - December 2012

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