Últimos días en La Habana

Directed by Fernando Perez

Cuba/Spain | 2016 | 93 mins | DCP


We are proud to present in partnership with the 36th Vancouver International Film Festival the film Últimos días en La Habana.



Tuesday Oct 03 8:45 PMInternational Village 10

Thursday Oct 05 3:45 PM
SFU Goldcorp



Fernando Pérez’s tragicomic tale expertly captures Havana’s faded glory while detailing the lives of those caught up in uncertain times. Exuberant Diego (Jorge Martínez) has AIDS and is confined to his bed. His lifelong friend Miguel (Patricio Wood) is a dishwasher who takes care of Diego’s every need—including hiring a young, good-natured rent boy (Cristian Jesús Pérez) for Diego’s amusement—while awaiting a visa for the US. When Diego’s spunky (and pregnant) 15-year-old niece Yusi (Gabriela Ramos) arrives on the scene, Diego’s days liven up considerably…

"A throwback to the era of Tomás Gutiérrez Alea’s Cuban ground-breaker Strawberry and Chocolate… [this is a] touching celebration of love, devotion and stoical endurance…"—Allan Hunter, Screen

"A cross-generational portrait of the crumbling capital’s hard-up dreamers that serves as a kind of conflicted valentine to the city itself, gazing upon its weathered walls and worn faces in authentic, unaffected detail… It’s the background motions and details of Last Days in Havana, and the social circumstances they reveal, that are the film’s most compelling virtue: the lazy buzz and chatter of local men in the barber shop, the feverish Christmas Eve candy rush in a local supermarket, the awkward interplay between strangers trapped in a shared taxi cab on a day of torrential rain. All are lovingly caught in Raúl Pérez Ureta’s unassuming camera lens, though that love is spiked with the filmmakers’ own sense of sorrow for the past and concern for the future."—Guy Lodge, Variety

Best Feature, Havana 17