Old House

Casa Vieja

Directed by Lester Hamlet (Cuba 2010)

Spanish w/ English Subtitles

Drama - Cuba 2010 - 95 min.



Upon learning that his father is on his deathbed, Esteban travels from Barcelona back to his native Cuba after an absence of fourteen years to be with his family in their time of grieving. But in his childhood home he encounters a past that has not changed: old family secrets, resentments and unresolved misunderstandings make time itself an apparent prisoner of the old house.



Based on the play by Abelardo Estorino that reflects the early years of the Cuban Revolution, the movie re-contextualizes the plot, bringing it up to present times.  This demonstrates to us that emotions aren’t tied to certain epochs, and especially that they follow us and afflict us with the same problems, though many people want to continue addressing them with the same solutions.
Irina Echarry, Havana Times.Org.