New Spanish Cinema Week 2014

Vancity Theatre Vancouver

February 21-27

North America’s leading showcase for the best in contemporary Spanish film returns to Vancouver for third consecutive year with four  premieres, featuring the latest, most exciting films and allowing you to discover and share your love of Spanish cinema. The Festival of New Spanish Cinema  in North America is six years old and it remains as young and fresh as ever, with a bevy of new talents that, against considerable economic odds, still manages to produce sharply-observed engaging works that stretch across every cinematic genre.  This year’s selection represents the diverse current trends of filmmaking in Spain and offers something for everybody. Come and join us in celebrating Spanish film creativity!

The Artist and the Model
Two for theRoad
15 Years and One Day
The Wishful Thinkers
New Spanish Cinema 2014

Fernando Trueba

Spain / 2012 / 104 min / French  with English subtitles

Summer of 1943. In an occupied France, not far away from the Spanish border, a famous old sculptor who is tired of life and wars finds the desire to work on his last masterpiece when a beautiful young Spanish girl comes knocking after escaping a refugee camp in the South of France. 

Francesc Relea

Spain / 2013 / 83 min / Spanish with English subtitles

A documentary tour of Latin America with two like-thinking artists. Singer-songwriters Joan Manuel Serrat, an icon for an entire generation, and his companeiro,Joaquín Sabina, el cuate, the affectionate Mexican word loosely translating as ’brother’.

Jonas Trueba

Spain / 2013 / 93 min / Spanish with English subtitle

This is the life of dreamy filmmaker Leon, in between shooting a film and his next project – a sort of limbo with an endless postponing of things, some low-key frustration, lover’s quarrels, conversations, coffees, drunkenness, classes, concerts, and walks… 

Gracia Querejeta

Spain / 2013 / 96 min / Spanish with English subtitles

Coinciding with its premiere in Spain, 15 Years + 1 Day is a moving drama that marks the triumphant return of director Gracia Querejeta to the big screen. Margo (Maribel Verdú) is struggling to deal with her son, Jon (Arón Piper) a rebellious and freespirited teenager who runs with a bad crowd. 

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