Sep 29 03:30 pm

International Village #9


Oct 01 05:45 pm

International Village #9


Oct 03 03:00 pm

The Cinematheque

The Womb (El Vientre)

​Directed by Daniel Rodríguez Risco

(Peru, 2014, 83 mins, DCP)

International Premiere

Spanish w/ English Subtitles


We are proud to present in partnership with the 33th Vancouver International Film Festival the film The Womb (El Vientre).


Peruvian film breaking local box office records.


A monstrous case of manipulation lies at the heart of Daniel Rodríguez Risco’s stylish psychothriller. Obsessed with having a child, 45-year-old widow Silvia (Vanessa Saba) tricks the naïve Mercedes (Mayella Lloclla) into accepting a room in her home and arranges a meeting with young handyman Jaime (Manuel Gold). When Mercedes gets pregnant, Silvia will stop at nothing to claim the baby…

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