Margo (Maribel Verdú, Belle Époque, Y tu mamá también) is struggling to deal with her son, Jon (Arón Piper) a rebellious and freespirited teenager who runs with a bad crowd. After Jon is expelled from school, Margo sends him to live with his grandfather Max (Tito Valverde), a retired military officer who lives in a small coastal town and believes he can fix his grandson with his own style of discipline. This new home does not equal an attitude change, and when Jon is seriously injured after being involved in a crime, both boy and man will learn to face their fears and limitations.
Director Gracia Querejeta drew from experiences with her own son to create this honest and touching film which sensitively illustrates the difficulties of being both a child and an adult. She has drawn exceptional performances from her cast, with Arón Piper a standout in his first screen appearance, and the always brilliant Maribel Verdú as a mother struggling to make a better life for her child. 15 Years + One Day is dedicated to the director’s father, the great film producer Elias Querejeta, who died last June.

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15 Years plus 1 Day

Directed by Gracia Querejeta (2013) 96 min.

Spanish with English subtitles

Screening Info

New Spanish Cinema Week

Sat. Feb. 22 06:45pm | Thu. Feb. 27 08:30pm

Vancity Theatre, Vancouver

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"Immensely entertaining, the film is reminiscent of master Pedro Almodvar’s work with a less stylized but equally successful analysis of the Spanish society. There is a witty and acidic comedic tone in the dialogue and intelligently developed characters throughout… This intimate piece blends the evident unresolved family feuds with a whodunit plot…Profound and engaging 15 Years +1 Day is a story about the children’s realization that parents are imperfect creatures, and that whatever they can teach or pass on is a diluted version of their fears and fascinations rather than fixed instructions for life."  

Carlos Aguilar, Indiewire

Film sponsored by ​Fiona Begg.