Conducta (Behaviour)

Directed by: Ernesto Daranas

Cuba | 2014 | Drama| 108 min

Spanish w/ English Subtitles



Saturday Jul 23 07:00 pm

Vancity Theatre


"Brilliant performances and beautiful camerawork combine to make this unembellished look into contemporary Cuba the most notable film since Fernando Perez’s Suite Habana in 2003… From the first minutes it is clear that Conducta is something different. It is an incisive, sensitive, deeply humane artistic look into the harsh and difficult life of individuals who are poverty-stricken and marginalized in Cuba.

The story of Chala, the kid who supports his alcoholic and drug-addicted mother by breeding pigeons and training fighting dogs; who is loved and understood by his old teacher but is sent to a school for children with behavioral problems when the teacher falls ill and is temporarily replaced by an inexperienced young teacher, transcends the anecdotal account to give the viewers truths that some people prefer not to see: the intolerance and unconditional adherence to formalities and bureaucratic rule; the futility of educating within a bell jar and the crime of refusing to alleviate wrongdoings on the pretext that it is not possible to eradicate them entirely.

Conducta manages to deliver without lapsing into sentimentality or didacticism [and] Alejandro Pérez’s photography manages to convey warmth and poetry to a particularly damaged and impoverished area of the city." Victoria Alcalá,