She wants to forget Gabriel. Then, destruction starts: cli-click (a lighter starts a fire that burns precious objects) crashhhh / boooom / kaploom. She wrecks whatever reminds her of him: books, music, movies, their house... her very own clitoris –everything. "In order to forget Gabriel I would have to cry my eyes out, cry him so much as to drain him out of me, turned into salt and mucus blown into a napkin,” she says, before heading towards the ultimate destruction stage. And there, amid the ruins, she finds something, a mind-changer… a secret.

​Screening Info


Friday July 25 | 6:00 PM Followed by Gala. Venezuelan music, food and drinks will complete the appealing experience of plunging into two full days of the latest cinema from this vibrant and resourceful nation. Please come on in, everyone’s gladly invited!

Vancity Theatre, Vancouver.

DesPechoTrucción (DesPiteTruction)

Directed by María Ruiz

Venezuela | 2013| 11 min

Spanish with English subtitles