Sal (Spanish title)

Directed by Diego Rougier (2012)

Spanish w/ English Subtitles 

Picardia Films (99 min)



Sergio, a Spanish filmmaker, loves Westerns and wants to shoot one in the arid desert of Atacama in northern Chile. After being turned down by several producers, Sergio decides to travel to a small town near the desert in search of inspiration. Once there, he’s mistaken by the townspeople for Diego, an infamous gunfighter, whose former lover’s husband is the town’s most powerful man. Soon, he finds himself living a version of a Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western. Dodging stand-offs and bar brawls, he never forgets to document his misfortunes and hallucinations as substance for his new manuscript. Immersed in his fantastic reality, Sergio plays his own protagonist, embracing a whole range of experiences, breathing life into his film. (Source: Chicago Latino Film Festival)

Best Film at World Fest Houston 2012
Best Film, Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Photography , Best Costume Design at Los Angeles Movie Awards 2012 (LAMA)​


Cine Chile 2012 - Festival of Contemporary Chilean Cinema in Vancouver

Cine Chile Alberta Series - Festival of Contemporary Chilean Cinema in Edmonton and Calgary