The Year of the Tiger  

El Año del Tigre (Spanish title)​

Directed by Sebastian Lelio (2011)

Spanish w/ English Subtitles 

Fabula Films (82 min)



Manuel is in jail in the south of Chile. During the earthquake of February 27th, 2010, the prison collapses. In the chaos, some inmates, including Manuel, manage to break out. He becomes a fugitive, lost in the middle of the catastrophe. When he returns home, he finds that it has been ravaged by a tsunami that has also taken the lives of his wife and his daughter. Manuel makes his way to his mother’s house, where he finds her dead in the rubble of the earthquake. As he makes his way through the ravaged landscapes, surviving on whatever he can scavenge from his surroundings, he begins to delve deeper and deeper into his own inner anguish and devastation. This strange new-found freedom will lead him to some unexpected encounters, and bring him face to face with nature’s cruelty, pushing his existence to its limits. (Source: Locarno Film Festival)


Independent Jury Award at Locarno Film Festival 2011


Cine Chile 2012 - Festival of Contemporary Chilean Cinema in Vancouver

Cine Chile Alberta Series - Festival of Contemporary Chilean Cinema in Edmonton and Calgary - January 2013