Venezuela in Motion: Two Days of New Venezuelan Cinema Vancity Theatre - July 25 & 26, 2014 

For the first time, Vancouver film fans will have the chance to enjoy two days of New Venezuelan Cinema. Five shows over two days presented by the Consulate General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the city, including four feature films, one documentary, five shorts and a Gala – an excellent opportunity to discover the booming cinematic industry of this dynamic Latin American nation, while celebrating Venezuela's Independence Day (July 5th) and the Birthday of Simón Bolívar “El Libertador” (July 24th). All the functions are open to the public and completely FREE!


Choose from biopics, animated motion films or first time cinema and experience drama, irony, wit and meaningful silent movies. Partake of this appealing showcase of a country that is moving forward and whose current cinema is the outcome of a film history spanning 117 years and promoted by the present day comprehensive cultural policies of its Government.




Directed by Belén Orsini

Spanish with English subtitles / Wild Life

Venezuela | 2014 | 75 min

Wild Green takes you in a journey across the impressive coastal territory of Venezuela, while following three biologists in their quest to study and protect the fascinating Chelonia Mydas or green turtle, an endangered species. These scientists lead the expedition into the wilderness and some of the territories of the green turtle, such as awe-inspiring Aves Island, Los Roques and the Gulf of Venezuela. Their different viewpoints show that while biodiversity in the Caribbean is remarkable it is also at risk, but a joined effort between devoted fighters and each of us can contribute to the recovery of nature.

Friday July 25 | 6:00 PM Followed by Gala. Venezuelan music, food and drinks will complete the appealing experience of plunging into two full days of the latest cinema from this vibrant and resourceful nation. Please come on in, everyone’s gladly invited!

Directed by Miguel Ferrari

Spanish with English subtitles

Venezuela, Spain | 2012 | 103 min

Diego is a young and successful photographer who lives in the glamorous world of fashion, shallowness and excess. A tragic accident turns his world around: his partner is now in a coma. Unexpectedly, and right amidst these terrible events, Diego must take care of his son, Armando. Now, both of them have to adapt to each other: Armando to the unknown, homosexual world of his father, and Diego to the closed-minded attitude of his teenage son.

Friday July 25 | 9:30 PM

Directed by Clarissa Duque

Spanish and French with English subtitles

Venezuela, Cameroon | 2009 | 72 min

This documentary attests for the permanence of African roots in Afro-Venezuelan musical expressions. The plot kicks off when the central character discovers the ‘water drums’, a stunning musical manifestation of Barlovento –north central Venezuela. The aquatic chimes of the water drums will call for the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean to retrace the voyage of a people’s cultural traits and bring Africa and America together. Long distances come closer when the roots are strong enough to stumble upon time.

Saturday July 26 | 4:00 PM

Directed by Diego Rísquez

Spanish with English subtitles

Venezuela | 2011 | 120 min

This film tells the story of classically trained Venezuelan painter Armando Reverón (1889-1954) who lived on the Caribbean coast with his partner and muse Juanita, from 1924 onwards. There, he erected a primitive, magical realm he called home: El Castillete (little castle), where he alternately engaged in games, ceremonies, and delusions in the ludic, sensitive and painful universe he inhabited.

Saturday July 26 | 6:00 PM

Directed by Luis Alberto Lamata

Spanish with English subtitles

Venezuela | 2010 | 100 min

The film chronicles a thirst for revenge that devastated a country. This is the true story of José Tomás Boves, a merciless man who became a legend during the Venezuelan War of Independence, the most violent in the Americas. He went from seafarer to pirate, horse smuggler to prosperous merchant, prisoner to military chief. Spanish by birth, Boves spearheaded a grassroots troop of slaves, mulattoes, Amerindians and mestizos that crushed Simón Bolívar and his patriot army.

Saturday July 26 | 9:00 PM

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